About The Chamber

Our Mission Statement

We create an environment that encourages business success while enhancing the quality of life in our region.

Why Invest In The Chamber of Commerce?

We are the only organization to which YOU can belong that is solely dedicated to the betterment of your city, your business or your profession.

What Is a Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber is a non-profit, independent organization, not affiliated with local, state or federal government. Chambers are member driven, and membership is voluntary.

The Chamber is a problem-solving organization that gives full consideration to all areas of the community-wide concern. We are a leadership organization that is proactive versus reactive.

Chambers enable their members to do collectively what they might not be able to do individually in working for the best interests of the community.

What Does a Chamber Do?

The Chamber identifies and serves the needs of business. We work to increase prosperity by encouraging the growth of exisiting businesses and fostering establishment of new ones. We provide representation in government affairs at local, state, and national levels. We develop partnerships with educational, cultural, civic and service organizations. We gather facts, provide information, and facilitate discussions on key issues that impact business, the economy and the community as a whole.

How is The Chamber Financed?

Your Chamber of Commerce is supported by membershp investments and event revenue, NOT by donations, federal funds or tax dollars. We are a necessary investment in the future of your community and your business.

Chamber membership is recognized as a business expense on your income tax return. No other business investment will pay such large dividends as the one which helps to guarantee a prosperous community.

Why Do We Need a Chamber?

Many reasons. The Chamber is YOUR voice on key issues affecting our cities, the region and our states. We are the only organization working to facilitate the development and promotion of an economic climate that encourages business growth while enhancing the quality of life for the entire community.

We are also the community's "front door" providing a variety of civic information to residents, newcomers, students, visitors, and business prospects.

How Does The Chamber Get Its Work Done?

Volunteers and committees form the "backbone" of The Chamber. They are working people from all walks of life who dedicate their time to accomplish The Chamber's goals and objectives. Key action items for The Chamber are outlined in our Plan of Action.

Who Can Belong?

Any business or professional person can join. One membership for your business covers all of your employees.