Member Benefits
Members System Access:

Benefits of Membership

Your dues to the Chamber of Commerce are not a donation, they are an investment! Throughout the year, The Chamber will focus on the following six areas:

  • Recognition
  • Education
  • Advocacy
  • Services
  • Events
  • Networking

As a member, you receive:

Advertising opportunities in The Voice, the Community Profile and Membership Guides, as well as numerous sponsorship opportunities throughout the year.

  • Business referrals.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Lobbying for business interests on the local, regional, and national levels.
  • Membership Directory listings and online directory listings.
  • Educational opportunities and training programs (Brown Bag Seminars, leadership training for youth and adults, etc.)
  • Opportunity to become involved with Chamber Committees.
  • Monthly subscription to The Voice newsletter.
  • Recognition opportunities for businesses and individuals who are making a significant difference in the Grand Forks metro area.
  • Mailing lists at discounted member-only prices.
  • The Chamber of Commerce prides itself on being the “Front Door of the Grand Forks/East Grand Forks Community.” Chamber staff collect detailed demographic and civic information on the metro area, and distribute this information to its member businesses, Grand Forks/East Grand Forks residents, newcomers to the region, and visitors.

We also make many referrals to parties requesting information on area providers of services or products . ONLY member businesses are referred by the Chamber of Commerce!

Location Carousel

Communities across America are looking for low-cost grass root concepts to help promote their communities.

In order to successfully compete online, local organizations like Chambers of Commerce, membership organizations and even community colleges are now using tools to build content.

Location carousel provides the infrastructure to gather, organize and then post valuable information through directories, kiosks and even area search engines that are powered by Google.

Location, Location and Location today is equal to Information, Information and Information so that people can find locations!

The carousel is a data circle which gathers local information through patent-pending techniques that may change depending on the community it is serving.

Once data is gathered many e-services are activated which convert the entire community into a powerful advertising system for participating members that may be extended into traditional media for the optimum in advertising results.

Member Presentation

Electronic Chamber Benefits

Dear Members,

We would like to thank you for joining the Chamber of Commerce and look forward to helping you promote your business.

By joining a Chamber of Commerce you have an opportunity to successfully advertise your business or organization locally online at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Chamber Nation was hired by our Chamber to assist its members to optimize for local Internet search success through a powerful online advertising system developed specifically for our community.

At any time please feel free to call the Chamber of Commerce or our technical support center at 1-888-EzWay4U /
(530) 283-5554 with any questions you may have. If you would like to submit your question or support request online please go to:
We are excited about our new member advertising system and have a website all setup to help you learn how to get the very most from your Chamber of Commerce membership.

To take FULL ADVANTAGE of your new services we invite you to read over the Member Business Plan.

Please visit:
Member Operating System

The Member Operating System was created to help Chambers of Commerce and others provide advanced technology to their members without the normal complexity associated with the Internet.

Members are able to easily login through the membership organization website in order to participate in the member business network.

The member business network was created to support public-to-members, chamber-to-members and member-to-member business development by accepting and trading leads electronically through the membership organization and the website.

The member operating system also includes a wide array of advertising tools along with the ability to broadcast member business events through the Member Calendar Network.

Member Advertising System

Participating members are provided with and extensive array of tools to build a COMPLETE online advertising system for promoting a business.

The tools are designed for local advertising through the membership organization, website, Buy Local Program© and via the Area Search Engine© that is powered by Google®.

Member are provided with high quality USA BASED support through the Free Members Support center.

Members are also provided with the ancillary benefits at no cost that they need for a full solution.

These benefits include a custom domain name, matching business email accounts, mobile phone website which is ".mobi" compliant, scrolling photo tour and much more as a thank you for being a loyal member.

Member Broadcasting System

A website on its own is really a brochure on the business and does not itself create a broadcasting solution for the business owner.

Chambers of Commerce and many other membership organizations rank very high on search engine results because they are trusted sources for information and used a great deal by the public.

Harnessing this traffic, routing it to specific members and tracking the flow so we can provide ongoing suggestions for better optimization, is the key to our success.

Static information on a website is only valuable for search indexing, but won't create much buzz.

Broadcasting business updates, viewing local search transactions to help determine the best way for members to optimize to capture more prospects is what this program is all about.